365 Postcards For Ants

Author: Lorraine Loots

Genre: Art book

RRP: R750

ISBN/EAN: 9781928230274


RELEASE DATE: November 2015


In 2013, little-known South African artist Lorraine Loots set herself a personal challenge: to complete one miniature painting every single day for a year. In 2014, now with a global following, she repeated the challenge, this time focusing on her beloved home city of Cape Town. The result is this retrospective, 365 Postcards For Ants, which puts a microscope on one of the world’s most beautiful cities, held in place by one of its most talented young artists.

Published in partnership with “Paintings For Ants”.


Lorraine Loots is a miniaturist painter and online phenomenon who ignited her international career with “Paintings For Ants”, an unassuming personal challenge to create one miniature work per day for a full year in 2013. She undertook a similar challenge, “Postcards For Ants” – the works collected in this book – in 2014, and she continues to paint in exquisitely tiny detail today. She leaves in Cape Town, and describes herself as a “sentimental” artist who emphasises the importance of marking and celebrating each day.