50 People Who Stuffed Up the World

Authors: Alexander Parker & Tim Richman

Illustrator: Zapiro

Genre: Non-fiction/popular history

RRP: R250

ISBN/EAN: 9781928230519


RELEASE DATE: November 2017


Who are the greatest villains, direst leaders and most offensive personalities to have spread their regrettable influence throughout the modern world?

From Amin to Zuckerberg – via Mao and Mengele, OJ and Osama – 50 People Who Stuffed Up The World is filled with the nastiest names from the 20th century and beyond. These are men of infamy (and a handful of women) who have steered our good ship Humanity towards the World-War-fighting, smartphone-tapping age we are mired in today, with their totalitarian visions of global dominance (Hitler, Stalin, Rhodes), ruinous warmongering (Blair, Bush) or tragic egos (Trump, Chávez). But the obvious political despots and historical heavy-hitters are just the half of it; there are also the foreign state cultists (the Kims), the foreign state capturers (the Guptas), the hopeless inventor (Thomas Midgley), the Twitter inventor (Jack Dorsey), the clothes-less emperor of modern art (Charles Saatchi), the father of the A-bomb (Robert Oppenheimer), architects of failed social experiments (Verwoerd & Malan), the less-expected sports villains (Diego Maradona, Nick Bollettieri) and the talentless icons of modern celebrity-dom (Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber).

The result is a book with both global and South African appeal that is part popular history, part social commentary, and all excellent entertainment.


Zapiro (left) is South Africa’s premier political cartoonist.

Alexander Parker (middle) is a communications specialist, history buff and author of three bestselling South African titles.

Tim Richman (right) is an author and the publisher at Burnet Media.


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