The Age of Menace:

Capitalism, Inequality & the Battle for Dignity

AUTHORS: David Buckham, Robyn Wilkinson & Christiaan Straeuli

GENRE:International current affairs/finance

RRP: R320

ISBN/EAN: 9781990956515

Extent: 412

Release Date: October 2022


Billionaires, Boris Johnson, big tech monopolies, raging inequality, Russian oligarchs, cancel culture, superyachts, spaceships to Mars, Twitter wars, a potentially devastating global inflation crisis… These may seem like entirely disparate issues, but they are all connected.

Not for many generations has the world been brimming with this level of uncertainty, whether it’s a virus scouring the planet, the threat of nuclear war in Europe or the unravelling of political lies in yet another government scandal. The Age of Menace pulls these apparently disconnected strands together, illuminating the driving forces that have led us to this unique and chaotic point in human history.

From the authors of critically acclaimed The End of Money comes a book that explains the state of the world today. In the words of Michael Avery, it is “essential reading for our times”.