FutureHOW - John Sanei

FutureHOW, The Guidebook


AUTHOR: John Sanei and Iraj Abedian

GENRE: Trend forecasting/personal development

RRP: Free to download

ISBN: 9781990956003


RELEASE DATE: April 2020



“John Sanei’s understanding of economic, technological and social change is exactly what we need now.” – Autodesk

– Oscar Chalupsky, 12-time Molokai World Champion; multiple paddling, Ironman and lifesaving champion; one of the world’s greatest watermen


Face the COVID reset: Reimagining our collective future

Following FutureNOW, John Sanei teams up with heavyweight economist Dr Iraj Abedian in FutureHOW to consider new ways of thinking about the future, as a direct response to the COVID crisis. Together, they start exploring the new questions we must ask in order to create a new reality, one in which our global community truly prospers.

Instead of dwelling on the question of WHY we are where we are, they ask HOW might we think about a better future? And in understanding the importance of story-telling in our lives, they ask HOW can we reimagine the particular stories of Finance and Economics so that are relevant for the world we live in today?

Released 24 April 2020. This ebooklet is the second in a 3-part series.