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AUTHORS: John Sanei and Iraj Abedian

GENRE: Trend forecasting/personal development

RRP: R285

ISBN/EAN: 9781990956065


RELEASE DATE: October 2020



The future has arrived early. And it is challenging each of us to ask, and answer, the defining questions of our time:

How will our post-pandemic society move forward?

Will we ever return to the world we once knew?

Are we witnessing the development of a new socio-economic system?

Shaped by the dynamic approach of futures-strategist John Sanei and the profound economic thinking of Dr Iraj Abedian, FutureNext equips readers with the mindset and tools needed to forge a new way forward – a way of confidence and peace of mind. The book explores our evolving responsibilities as consumers, employees, employers, entrepreneurs and executives tasked with re-imagining our world. In so doing, it provides a path to create prosperous societies that are more harmonious, systematically fair and sustainable than anything we’ve known.