Hunting The Dragon


“Exhilarating, inspiring – a must-read.”

– Braam Malherbe, author of The Great Run

Author: Iain Buchan

Genre: Business leadership/memoir

RRP: R320

ISBN/EAN: 9781990956492

Extent: 288

Release date: August 2022 


Hunting The Dragon is a business leadership book like no other.

On one hand, it tells the story of the failure after failure of a brilliant but often frustrated South African entrepreneur who finally went on to hit the big time with a billion-rand company. But it is more than a memoir.

For three decades, Iain Buchan battled his competitors, his bosses, his partners and his own worst instincts as he launched one exciting but ultimately doomed business venture after another. Life was a roller coaster. The highs were addictive, the lows suicidal. With each failure, Iain’s confidence took a knock, until the doubts consumed him.

Why couldn’t he crack it?
Why was he constantly fighting the world?
What was the fear that drove him, though never to sustainable success?

It was only after a profound personal transformation in his mid-40s that Iain could begin to work his way towards real and long-lasting success, in business and in life. Together with his three children and inspirational team, Iain has put personal growth at the front and centre of their business, The Unlimited. In doing so, they have developed a leadership system that drives one of the most successful and inspiring sales forces in the country, an empowered collection of young South Africans whose sales ability generates previously unimaginable revenues.

Hunting The Dragon isn’t just a memoir or business book. It is a truly eye-opening account of what it means to struggle and transform to achieve real success in life through leadership.