Hunting Trout Tom Sutcliffe Burnet Media

Hunting Trout

AUTHOR: Tom Sutcliffe

GENRE: SA nonfiction

RRP: R330

ISBN/EAN: 9781990956157


RELEASE DATE: January 2021



Hunting Trout provides anglers with a comprehensive set of insights into many of the complexities and mysteries of fly fishing. Author Tom Sutcliffe is amusing, thought-provoking and often poetic in the anecdotes he uses to span all the years he has waded and fished streams and lakes around the world. Beautifully written, this book is always informative and interesting, and often very humorous. The first edition has been described by the local and international fly-fishing community as a genre classic, an icon in South African angling literature.

Sutcliffe’s first book, My Way With A Trout, began a series of seven titles that have helped to inform many South African anglers – and ultimately the course of fly fishing in South Africa. This third edition of Hunting Trout is designed as a partner book to his 2019 title Yet More Sweet Days. Having been out of print for eight years, this edition was the product of popular demand by anglers at home and around the world.