Ja Well No Fine: An Alternative Guide To SA

Authors: Tim Richman & Stuart Hendricks

Genre: Humour/South African non-fiction

RRP: R100

ISBN/EAN: 9780987043740


RELEASE DATE: November 2013


Ja Well No Fine is, well, ja, like a book, bru. About South Africa, nogal – a.k.a. Suid Afrika, Sefrica, Mzansi Fo’ Sho’ – and how it all fits together, you check. Sharp sharp, wena…

But it’s not just about slang and Safricanisms; it’s also about our people, places, things, foods, habits, sport, fashion, culture and politics. It’s about all the wonderful (and flippen annoying) little things that make up the country we live in, from the legal requirements of boerewors (not braai wors!) to the psychological explanation for why watching Carte Blanche on a Sunday night is bad for your health.

In short, it’s an (alternative, entertaining, enlightening, irreverent) A-Z guide to South Africa through cliches, stereotypes, and other dingamalietjies. 


African handshakes • Africa time • The Arms Deal • “Babalas” • Bergies • Boerewors vs braai wors • Born-frees • Braais • Car guards • Carte Blanche-induced Sunday-night loser’s complex • Crime and corruption • Driving • EFF • “Eish” • The fracking Karoo • The great emigration debate • “Hayibo!” • Hipsters • “Ja well no fine” • “Kak” • Minibus taxis • Nkandla • Petrol attendants • The race card • Robot hawkers • Springbok madness • The swaart gevaar • The tokoloshe • The Tripartite Alliance • Two-tone shirts • Vuvuzelas • Lulu Xingwana • Jacob Zuma

Stuart Hendricks

Stuart Hendricks is a South African street and travel photographer
with a background in media and publishing. He is based in South Korea.

Tim Richman

Tim Richman is an author and the publisher at Burnet Media.