Raising Superheroes

Authors:  Prof Tim Noakes, Jonno Proudfoot, Bridget Surtees

Genre: Cookbook, children’s health

RRP: R330

ISBN/EAN: 9780994663900


RELEASE DATE: August 2015 (southern Africa), June 2016 (international)


Raising Superheroes, the follow-up title to The Real Meal Revolution, is a “real food” cookbook that provides parents with the right dietary and nutritional advice and recipes to raise the healthiest, brightest kids possible.

The Real Meal Revolution was all about taking on the global obesity epidemic with a revolutionary approach to eating; it challenged ingrained beliefs, it sold (and still sells) in record-breaking numbers throughout South Africa, and it changed people’s lives. With Raising Superheroes the authors have now set out to revolutionise the way we feed our children. It’s time, they believe, to challenge the kids’ food industry and our old assumptions; it’s time to give our children the best nutrition possible, and the best start in life.

Raising Superheroes is not a Banting cookbook, and it doesn’t offer no-carb eating for kids. But – in advocating low-sugar, low-refined-carb, “real” food eating – it is the Real Meal Revolution’s next step towards changing the world. (There will be more!)

Jonno Proudfoot

Jonno Proudfoot is a food expert, entrepreneur and adventurer, and the driving force behind the brand. 

Tim Noakes

Professor Tim Noakes is currently the most high-profile scientist in South Africa, and the figurehead of the original Real Meal Revolution.

Bridget Surtees

Bridget Surtees is a registered dietitian specialising in paediatric nutrition, with 20 years’ experience in major South African, London and Sydney hospitals.


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