Real Meal Revolution: Banting 2.0


“I was about to get bariatric surgery… Four years later, I’ve lost 11½ stone through the Real Meal Revolution. I feel like I’ve been given a second chance. The Real Meal Revolution changed my life.”

– Brian Berkman

AUTHOR: Jonno Proudfoot

GENRE: Diet-lifestyle

RRP: R190

ISBN/EAN: 9781928230441


RELEASE DATE: December 2016


The original Real Meal Revolution sold hundreds of thousands of copies, inspiring a profound and disruptive change in eating across South Africa. Three years later, it’s time for the next step. Welcome to Banting 2.0. Real Meal Revolution: Banting 2.0 marks the culmination of three years of data analysis from 120,000 online users and thousands of success stories, combined with the latest nutritional science and behavioural research. The result: a cutting-edge four-phased approach that isn’t just about being thin; it’s about being healthy, happy and Awesom


  • ACHIEVE your Awesome weight quickly and without compromise.
  • SAVE money by avoiding expensive supplements and medication.
  • CONQUER the weight-loss plateau and other dieting pitfalls.
  • DISCOVER non-food-related weight-loss techniques for your daily routine.
  • ENJOY previously taboo food while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

For those looking for sustainable weight loss (without cravings or side effects), boundless energy, improved blood readings, bulletproof gut health, increased mental focus, enhanced athletic performance and better sleep, Banting 2.0 is the solution.


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