“By the time I finished reading this very accessible, engaging book, I was convinced its subject matter should be known by all South African business people. You will not be filled with hope and enthusiasm for our glorious future when you finish reading it – but you will be better informed and in a stronger position to make decisions for your business.”

Ian Mann, Fin24, November 2013


“It’s always risky to write a book about current politics. Grootes can take that risk, because he has imbibed the facts and fictions of the South African political landscape so thoroughly for so long.”

Karin Schimke, Cape Times, December 2013

Authors: Stephen Grootes

Genre: South African non-fiction/politics

RRP: R180

ISBN/EAN: 9780987043764


RELEASE DATE: October 2013


South African politics is a murky, convoluted, complicated, cut-throat world that not many people fully understand. 

• How does it all work? • What does Trevor Manuel actually do these days? • Is Julius Malema a real political force? • Will Cyril Ramaphosa be our next president? • How long will Jacob Zuma rule for? • Who really matters in our politics? • And what’s going to happen at the next elections?

Premier SA political analyst and commentator Stephen Grootes cuts through the incomprehensible political spin and media coverage out there to provide an accessible, attractive, easy-to-read road map to South African politics. 


Stephen Grootes is the host of SAFM’s flagship show, SAFM Sunrise, and a senior contributor at Daily Maverick. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of South African politics, and is well connected within media and political circles.