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Softening The Edge

AUTHOR: Mimi Nicklin

GENRE: Business / personal development

RRP: R260

ISBN/EAN: 9781990956164


RELEASE DATE: October 2020 



“John Sanei’s understanding of economic, technological and social change is exactly what we need now.” – Autodesk

– Oscar Chalupsky, 12-time Molokai World Champion; multiple paddling, Ironman and lifesaving champion; one of the world’s greatest watermen


After a catastrophic start to the 2020s, empathetic influence is set to be this decade’s most critical human skills set. In her new book Softening The Edge, Mimi Nicklin explains why. With the Covid pandemic “accelerating the future”, the need for authentic human connection – and meaningful relationships with colleagues, employees and clients – has never been greater. Empathy is the key to making this happen, a trait of understanding and hope that has the power to not only change our business environment, but to change the shape of our world. Nicklin draws from her eye-opening true-life business journey to present the case for empathy, and bolsters the argument with comprehensive scientific data. As a Millennial, she straddles the generational gap between the up-and-coming Gen-Zs and the established captains of industry, and is a much-needed conduit between the two. A genuinely insightful book, Softening The Edge will inspire and challenge you in equal measure. It will show you how to harness your emotional intelligence successfully so you can authentically connect with and influence people on a deeper level, and it will ultimately help you to evolve and future-proof the way you do business and live your life.