Hustle Hack cover - Lisa Alton

The Hustle Hack


“A golden compass for tomorrow’s trailblazers.”
–   Byron Rex Phillipson, Global Executive Creative Director at Twitch
“The Hustle Hack breaks away from normal business books by serving valuable lessons in a bold, colourful and, at times' funny way. If you’re all about the hustle and need straight-to-the-point guidance' this is for you.”

–   Artwell Nwaila, Head of Creative at Google

"This incredible 30 minute guide is packed with powerful and colourful actionable and thought-provoking laws to implement across different areas of one's life. Reading this punchy pocket guide, I was mind-blown by the paradigm shift I experienced as I worked through the methodology of the 8 laws that are delivered in a simplistic yet highly effective manner."

–  Wendy Robinson, Glamour

AUTHOR: Lisa Alton

GENRE: Business / personal

RRP: R190

ISBN/EAN: 9781990956034


RELEASE DATE: October 2020


This is The Hustle Hack. A 30-minute pocket guide for thriving in the modern world. An 8-point action plan to shift your mindset the minute you read it. Crafted by a globally successful brand and innovation strategist who is constantly inspired by global pioneers, it offers you actionable, thought-provoking laws to implement across different areas of your life. They have been learnt from the grandmasters of the game of life and tested in the crucible of business reality, providing insight not just to entrepreneurs, but to anyone who wants to thrive in any environment. Jump in.