The Racist’s Guide To The People Of SA


“[A] cheeky, comical, daring and delicious read that forces readers to accept not just other races’ weird and wacky cultures, but also their own. And by the last page, while drying the tears of laughter from your face, you realise: we may all be crazy but at least we’re all South African.”


– Rapport


“The side-splitting humour of Simon Kilpatrick with his precise analysis of our Rainbow Nation leaves you with tears rolling down your cheeks as you visualise each character in true form.”


– The Weekend News


“Gentle and surprisingly funny, The Racist’s Guide is unlikely to ruffle feathers of any but the most gratuitously sensitive –and its elegantly old-fashioned brand of wit is suitable for all ages.”


– Sunday Times

Author: Simon Kilpatrick

Genre: Humour/South African non-fiction

RRP: R145

ISBN/EAN: 9781920137328


RELEASE DATE: October 2010


A politically incorrect, comprehensively unscientific and exceptionally funny “guidebook” that identifies – and pokes fun at – the people of the Rainbow Nation, the Racist’s Guide is written for all the South Africans it parodies. The book is satirical to its core, noting from the start that “Blacks”, “English Whites”, “Afrikaners”, “Coloureds”, “Indians” and “Miscellaneous” are the primary races to be encountered in the land. It is without a doubt required reading for all South Africans so that they might discover the answer to the country’s many pressing racial issues, such as:

  • What does a stressed Black look like?
  • Why should you never give a White woman a white-gold engagement ring?
  • What do Afrikaans people do for fun?
  • Why do Indian men always play sport in jeans?
  • How do Coloured gangsters fare in the navy?
  • What’s the best way to greet a Chinese South African?


Simon Kilpatrick was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. After four years in the corporate environment, he resigned in 2009 to pursue his writing full time. When he’s not writing, he’s exploring the world with his backpack.