The Racist's Guide To The People Of The USA

Author: Simon Kilpatrick

Genre: Humour/non-fiction

RRP: R110

ISBN/EAN: 9780987043702


RELEASE DATE: November 2012


Another politically incorrect, comprehensively unscientific and exceptionally funny “guidebook” from bestselling author Simon Kilpatrick. This time, the racist’s guide travels to the United States of America to parody and poke fun at the greatest nation on earth… In the process it reveals the answer to many of that country’s pressing racial issues, such as:

  • Why don’t Blacks in America eat mielie pap?
  • How do American Indians name their children?
  • Why do American Whites prefer Black babies when adopting?
  • What is a Mexican’s favourite fashion accessory?
  • Are all Americans fat?
  • What is an American’s favourite toy?
  • Why should you never ask an American for directions?


Simon Kilpatrick was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. After four years in the corporate environment, he resigned in 2009 to pursue his writing full time. When he’s not writing, he’s exploring the world with his backpack.