Why Banks Fail

Unrelenting Bank Runs, The Conundrum of Central Banking & South Africa’s Place in The Global Order

Authors: David Buckham, Robyn Wilkinson & Christiaan Straeuli

GENRE: International Current Affairs / Finance

RRP: R345

ISBN/EAN: 9781990956638


RELEASE DATE: November 2023 


Andy Thomas
Andy ThomasAuthor of multiple military aviation books
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This unique story offers a holistic description of the war in the skies over Angola where the narrative places the reader in the cockpit such that you can almost feel the oppressive tropical heat. It reads like a novel but has the ring of truth that can only come from veterans who had the advantage of an accurate contemporary diary. Eduardo González Sarría and Lionel Reid must be congratulated on producing a worthy candidate for the aviation book of the year. It can be thoroughly recommended and if you choose to read just one aviation book this year – this is it. Outstanding!
Athol Franz
Athol FranzEditor of African Pilote
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I can recommend this brilliant historical work about the Angolan war in the air to any aviation enthusiast.

Memoirs of a senior Cuban MiG pilot combined with brand-new perspectives from South African, Cuban, Angolan and Soviet combatants provide the most thrilling and complete account yet of air combat during the Angolan conflict.


In a world where banks are perceived as unshakeable fortresses, there is a worrying truth that lies just beneath the surface: banks are far more fragile and fail more frequently than we choose to believe.

In the US alone, more than 560 banks have failed since the turn of the century. In South Africa, the collapse of Saambou in 2002 sparked the A2 Banking Crisis, which saw half the country’s banks deregistered in the aftermath. In 2023, the high-profile failures of SVB, First Republic Bank, Signature Bank and Credit Suisse dominated global headlines and set off waves of panic across the international banking landscape.

Why do these large financial institutions with hundreds of billions on their books fail out of the blue?

What role do central banks play in these dramatic failures?

How can the global financial system be reformed to be more resilient, and what path should South Africa take?