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Winning With Relationships


“More than a book on relationships, this is a tour de force on leadership.”

– Sir Eric Peacock, chairman of the Academy for Chief Executives, UK


“I absolutely loved this book! Simple, practical and unputdownable. I want every one of my coaching clients, friends and family to read it.”

– Mapaseka Mokwele, host and coach of The Single Wives SA


“This book is invaluable! I feel like it’s turned me into a relationship guru.”

– Jason Greer, Host of The Bachelor South Africa


“An open and honest take on how to create, manage and improve relationships, in all aspects of life.”

– The Star

AUTHOR: Justin Cohen 

GENRE: Personal development/business

RRP: R195

ISBN/EAN: 9781928230885





“John Sanei’s understanding of economic, technological and social change is exactly what we need now.” – Autodesk

– Oscar Chalupsky, 12-time Molokai World Champion; multiple paddling, Ironman and lifesaving champion; one of the world’s greatest watermen


Decades of research show that the most important key to our success and happiness is the strength of our relationships. Winning at life depends on knowing how to win with people. In this book, Justin Cohen – one of the world’s leading experts on human potential – will show you how. With a combination of cutting-edge research, humour, entertaining examples and practical take-home tools, you will discover the 21 laws of influence to help you:

• Attract high value people into your life.
• Motivate people to do what you want done.
• Prevent and resolve conflict.
• Inspire people to realise their full potential.
• Do the one thing that creates almost instant liking and rapport.